Welcome & All Hail the Snails!

Hello there-welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I think it would be best fitting for the first post ever on this blog to be about what got me into this whole Asian beauty…er,obsession (to put it mildly) in the first place.

So behold. The product that started it all: CosRX’s Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence.


What’s so great about it? As the name suggests,  its formulated with 96% snail secretion filtrate-an ingredient that not only moisturizes to high heaven, but also promotes collagen production and accelerates healing time for damaged skin. Best of all, the methods used to collect snail mucin doesn’t kill or harm the snails in anyway. An essence with this high of a percentage is incredibly effective in delivering results quickly.

Stumbling upon this product (and brand) was sheer luck. I only bought this out of desperation; the thought of “snail slime” on my face didn’t sound exactly like something I would be into. The stringy, gooey texture (from the high percentage of snail secretion filtrate) of the essence didn’t exactly help either. My face was braving the deep of winter at the time, totally dehydrated from a routine that mainly focused on benzoyl peroxide-ing and scrubbing every inch of my face in an attempt to wrestle adult acne into submission. I had read online about this 10 step Korean skincare routine in a few places and decided to depart from my two step physical exfoliation, 10% benzoyl war.Which led me to Memebox (aka my most favorite place pretty much ever), which led me to a chance CosRX box that had all the basics I would need (on SALE mind you!), which led me back to skin-sanity. Even though I had tried Korean products before, it wasn’t until this essence waved its magic wand that I became hooked on Korean skincare (and Asian beauty in general). This product and CosRX as a brand were ultimately what got my skin back to being skin again. In all honestly, this essence gave me my face back. Long live the snails!


Have you ever put snail slime on your face? What was your “gateway drug” so to speak into the world of Asian/K-beauty?


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