Dry Skin + Get a FREE Month at Curology!

Recently, I bit the bullet and signed up for Curology-a website that assigns you a personal dermatologist to assess your skincare needs and create a personalized prescription that is auto-delivered every few months. I’ve been using various AHAs and BHAs along with vitamin C to help combat some dullness, PIH, refine pores, and kick some stubborn acne to the curb that has long overstayed its welcome and seriously needs to kick the bucket for almost a year now. While these products have delivered some pretty great results and have helped immensely, it’s time to up my actives game and take things to the next level.


So, as with any active or treatment that “brings out the big guns,” skin changes of both the very-nice-more-of-this-please type and the what-have-I-done-to-myself?! kind are highly likely to occur. As a rule of thumb, with these sorts of products, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

When less-than-desirable changes like dryness (but sometimes skin can get oilier instead), itchiness, and flaking start to happen, listening to your skin becomes even more important (almost as important as wearing daily sunscreen >_>).

I’m a little over a week into my new customized prescription and dryness has already begun to creep in. The severity is not anything I’m too worried about; in fact, it’s not even bad enough (yet?) to cut back application from nightly to a Monday/Wednesday/Friday thing, BUT I am keenly aware of the Sucksville that is dehydrated skin and that regular use of actives without proper, religious moisturizing routines are a one-way ticket straight there. *

It’s an admittedly strange feeling to be using as many moisturizers as I am right now. My skin tends to behave during the summertime, only needing real TLC when the temperatures start to drop. Plus, using a ton of serums and such when you open the door and it is *literally* like walking into an oven isn’t exactly practical. If it’s so humid that water-proof mascara won’t stay on your eyelashes, how is any other product supposed to?

So besides avoiding imminent lobster-dom in this sauna I live in, for the first time ever moisturizing has taken first place in my list of skin priorities as temperatures soar. While my skin type is really normal, add in a regular active and dryness begins to rear its flaky head. As per Curology’s instructions, I’ve dropped any and all other actives and harsh spot treatments (benzoyl peroxide, etc) until my skin adjusts, which after that I can slowly reintroduce them back into my routine. Since the weather doesn’t allow practical use of thick occlusive moisturizers that make winter-face a thing of the past, I’ve doubled up on my love of snails and sheet masks.

My night routine has been majorly simplified with no more BHA/ AHA and Vitamin c combo wait times and I either use a sheet mask or some CosRX Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence before bed, generally several hours after I apply my Curology prescription. I save moisture for the morning. Instead of a minimalist routine with only a serum and a cream, I now wake up to sheet masks and several layers of serums and creams before finally slathering on an ungodly amount of sunscreen. I still use a chemical exfoliator (Cure Aqua Gel…I seriously can’t live without it) 3 times a week and that’s in the morning as well (so I can start the day with a fresh canvas…no dead skin lurking here!). Between that and the daily sheet masks, my skin has been flake-free and any other symptoms of dryness are barely noticeable.

I haven’t been using my prescription from Curology long enough to see any big results yet, although my stubborn acne has begun to retreat/dry out and things are looking a little brighter/glowy in terms of complexion. I’m hoping I’ll escape “Purge-atory” relatively scot-free from my previous adventures in actives, but we will just have to wait and see.

If you want to find out more about Curology, please check out their website. Although I don’t have too much to say on the product yet, I think the site is very professional and easy to use. They kept me posted on my prescription and shipping via email and site-based notifications. I heard from my personal derm within 24 hours; she was very helpful and prompt, with thoughtful and full answers to my specific questions. The product is fully customized to your skin’s needs and the prescription is automatically delivered to your door (which is a huge perk for me as I can never seem to time the arrival times of my new/replacement products with my running out).

If you would like to try Curology for yourself, feel free to use my invite link below for a FREE month:



*Plus, since I am an impatient lil’bugger and just want to cut through any purging and onto the results, if a little extra moisture is going to keep the application smooth, I have no qualms about a few extra sheet masks and an excuse to buy more snails and propolis. But, please note, if you do decide to use any sort of “heavy-duty” active type product, listen to your skin and let it adjust as it needs to. My skin has become a hard (well, super-soft and smooth) veteran with all the various acids I’ve been throwing at it for the past year, but chances are your skin hasn’t had the same exposure time to such products (nor the same crazy lady applying them) so YMMV. The last thing you want to do is start using products to help your skin only to turn around and have to deal with a damaged moisture barrier because you applied it too much, too soon.

(Please note that my opinion of Curology (and any other products mentioned) is/are entirely my own. I was not paid to say anything good or bad. The invite link gets you your first month free and I receive a 10$ credit per person. You will get your own link if you sign up. Thanks for reading!)



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