Daiso Puff and Sponge Detergent Review

Having made the transition from applying most of my makeup with my fingertips and the occasional brush to cushion compacts, a whole assortment of brushes, and beauty blenders, keeping my makeup application tools properly cleaned has become a sort of tick of mine. For one, cushion compacts, wonderful as they are, come with that huge question mark about hygiene and safety. (hello Microorganism Metropolis). Beauty blenders and other types of makeup sponges, especially as they are often dampened regularly, seem to be an ideal place for things that should not be on your face to set up camp. And who wants stuff growing on a dirty brush?

It’s not safe to not clean your tools regularly and thoroughly. Keeping them clean not only prevents growth of grossness, but can significantly extend the life of your tools and keep your makeup application flawless. There are a great number of daily and deep cleaning makeup cleaners available everywhere, along with lots of DIY formulas and/or using things like makeup removers and oil cleansers. While I’ve tried a good number of these, a lot of the time my brushes or sponges would still have makeup “stains” on them that no amount of soaking, washing, or pleading with them would get rid of them. I’d just write it off as stained and considered it “clean enough.”

Yeah…no. Not okay at all.

In my quest for total cleanliness, I stumbled upon something called Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge. It may be a bit of work to say, but using it to clean even your most hopelessly stained tools? No work at all.


Okay, so maybe a puff and sponge cleaner isn’t exactly the most “sexy” or exciting thing to review in the history of ever, but I can honestly say that this product changed my life.

For real.

It is the holiest of holy grails and I believe in it so much that you all should stop reading this right now and go buy yourself a bottle…or ten.


If you need more proof than me waxing poetic over it, here’s the detergent at work:

Daiso (as I will refer to it from here on out) is not only wallet friendly, but quick and super easy to use. It will clean the most stained, bacteria-laden sponge in less than a minute or two. It’s truly mind-blowing how well this product works. The first time I used it on what I thought were “clean” tools (I had “deep-cleaned” them about 3 days before trying this product for the first time), the amount of foundation and such that began to come out as I worked in the detergent and rinsed was overwhelming-it was almost like I’d never cleaned them at all! This white sponge I’d assumed would be slightly beige forever was white-as-new; a truly amazing product. Nothing compares to the level of clean I have achieved with this product. I am officially off the market for makeup detergents and have put a ring on this one.

Overall rating: 1+++++-This product is so good that I don’t even have a rating for it. My love for it goes beyond just a measly Holy Grail.

Rating Scale:

1-Holy Snails! It’s a Holy Grail!

2-Current routine-worthy (would buy again unless I found something better)

3-Meh, it was worth a try

4-Bleh, this was terrible. Don’t buy this. Ever.

Where I bought this amazing product: Amazon**

*Just a note: when using DIY cushions, it can be really tempting to mix products together (sunscreen, different foundations, etc). This risks the various formulations cancelling the other’s preservatives out and then the sponge growing a petri-dish worth of grossness. So stick to one product in the cushions. If you need to mix for shades, whip it up fresh before use and apply with a beauty blender, fingers, or brush. Don’t put mixed formulations in the compact.

**Not an affiliate link. Also, this post is in no way sponsored or affiliated with Daiso and my opinion on this product is 100% my own.


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