Skintuition on YouTube?

Hey there my lovely readers and welcome strangers from the Internet who have stumbled across this post!

I’ve been wanting to start on YouTube, sharing things like my everyday skincare and beauty   routines, make up tutorials, tips and tricks, and skincare Q&A. Etc…

I currently don’t have any sort of suitable camera and just don’t know really where/how to start (I’m mean, yeah I have my phone cam and can create a YouTube account, but I think you all deserve better than that 😘).

For those of you on YouTube, what sort of cameras and lights do you use? Do you use a script, some notes, or just wing it? How on Earth does editing work and what program do you typically use? How do I make a decent (or rather,  superb) video?

And then, is there any specific content you would like to see?

I think videos/a YouTube channel would be a great addition to this blog. If you have any answers to the questions above, please let me know in the comments or directly via my contact link on the navigation bar. Any advice would be *greatly* appreciated. 

To repay your hospitality and sharing of knowledge, I’ll be sure to do a shout-out post in the near-future as well! 

Thank you my lovelies! 💕 hopefully I’ll be seeing you all on YouTube soon! *fingers crossed*


      1. Hahaha yes just give it a go! Btw sorry I commented once and it didn’t look like it had sent, so now I’ve commented twice! I apologise 🙂


  1. That sounds like a great idea! Hauls and unboxings are some of my favourite things to watch 🙂 it sounds like a lovely addition to your blog! Xx


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