Curology One Month Update

Hey there my lovely skintuitionators? skintuitives? skintuitioners? I give up 🙂

Anyway, its been exactly one month since starting my customized Curology prescription and while that isn’t a lot of time, I’m already seeing enough in terms of results that I thought I’d share.

What I’m putting on my face:

My prescription is 1% Clindamycin (an anti-inflammatory antibiotic that works well against acne causing bacteria), 4% Azelaic Acid (its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, helps unclog pores, and lighten dark spots) and 4% Niacinamide (vitamin b3 antioxidant which helps lighten and brighten things like PIH in addition to treating acne and inflammation).


Why I’m putting said substances on my face:

My skin tricked me into thinking that it was done being a pain in the a**, then BAM! two years later, hello there adult acne. Sorry if TMI, but for the sake of being helpful, I tend to get miniature armies of really tiny pustules all around my chin/jaw line that run down my neck onto my collarbone area. My early stages of adult acne were big, nasty zits that plagued any available real estate on my face. After complete and total destruction of my skin’s moisture barrier, I began to educate myself in the ways of k-beauty (you can click here to read more about my k-journey). After k-beauty, these monster zits became tame little pustle-y things that really aren’t visible unless I’m going totally barefaced. Needless to say, I have a lot of PIH and redness especially around my jaw and neck areas. Plus, despite the non-severity of my very strange acne, I’m tired of looking at them and the granola-face they give me when they flare-up…So in short: destroy the bastards and lighten things up 🙂

What has happened to my skin in a month:

Good things folks, good things.

In just a month of once nightly application, my skin has:

-almost completely stopped with the pustules (only a few here and there, and they go away within 12 vs 24-48 hours…I’m convinced they are aliens and not acne)

-redness factor has turned light pink (my perma-red chin and neck area have shown great responsiveness to treatment. Much easier to cover up with makeup now. No red peaks through anymore!)

-my skin tone is noticeably more even (as in, I have noticed significant change, but only probably I can at this point…but the future is promising!)

But there have been some set-backs:

my skin is a lot drier than before. I began to feel/notice this for real around week three. I’m currently taking measures like waiting for my skin to dry before curology application, and a hella more moisture layers. While I don’t think its severe enough to cut back from daily application, I’m having to really up my game and 2-3 sheet masks in a 24 hr period is becoming my norm…

-my skin purged, and I mean, PURGED. It purged so hard that my usual, staring-at-the-used-pore-strip-fascination walked out the door and I may have cried under my sheet masks a little…once or twice. I knew *some* purging would be happening, but I figured given all my previous active usage, I’d make it out with only a slap on the wrist. Yeah…no.

My skin looked like absolute sh**  show starting late week one through early week three. A total granola-face fiasco under a suddenly very large amount of totally needed foundation in 98 degree weather with 90% all-day humidity. My hair had a bad week too. It was really rough, in a first world problems sort of way. Finals week+bad hair+hot, wet, nasty weather+red, flaky, purge face=total breakdown of self-esteem.


I survived to tell the tale:

So after these prescription-grade actives pummeled my self-esteem six feet into the ground, I woke up on a Saturday morning (tail end of week 3) and my face looked like a face again. The pimples, which had been decreasing over the week, were finally done plaguing my face. A few days later, the redness kicked the bucket and non-cake face could resume once again.

Purging is just a fact of life and this experience has definitely taken my actives-veteran-cockiness down a peg or ten. But now that the worst is *hopefully* behind me, I’m looking forward to fine-tuning my face to something worthy of a Korean skin advert (yeah, good luck with that, maybe in, like, 100000000 yrs or so).

My derm was super helpful, responding within 24 hours when I messaged her via the site, answering some questions I had about what was normal, usage, and dealing with the sudden dryness. Very professional, helpful, friendly, AND encouraging…and this is coming from an opinion formed during self-esteem D-day week.

While I’ve yet to fully fine-tune my dryness routine for this prescription, I’ve really only got great, glowy things to say about it. I’m super excited to finish the bottle and see what happens in three months.

To see my previous Curology post click here

If you would like to get a FREE month of Curology (aka a prescription customized to your skin needs by your own personal derm), feel free to use my referral link (which, disclaimer, gives me a 10$ credit, but buy me a coffee or some niacinamide?):

Got any questions/comments/concerns/ideas for nicknames/other stuff? Please let me know in the comments below…or feel free to contact me!

Thank you for reading my precious skintuitioniders? skintuitionites?…I need help



  1. Hi I started Curology a week ago , I have super duper bad purging now after 4 days , like worst than what I started. I have contacted my derm, my formula is 8% Azelic acid, 1 % clindamycin and 0.025 % (not sure) of zinc
    Is this purging normal, when does it subside, I am crying looking at myself in the mirror. It hurts on my face


    1. Hey, I’m sorry to hear this! Acne is really hard to deal with. So contacting your derm was a really good move. Purging can last anywhere from a week to 2 months, and, as with any active, can vary in severity and duration. Unfortunately, until 3 months, any true results aren’t going to show. What helped me was reducing application and waiting 20 min after showering to ensure my skin dried before application. Be sure to send pics to your derm to make sure it’s not an allergic reaction. If you need support or dealing with acne until the purging passes tips, please feel free to contact me! ❤️just remember that at the end of the day, it’s only skin. It may feel like the end of the world, but it’s not. Don’t hesitate to reach out ok? I know it can be really tough to deal with bad skinđź’•

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