How to Shop for Your Skin Type and Concerns



Hello my wonderful readers! I’ve got some news for you…

I’m super excited to announce a shopping by skin type and concerns series that will begin this month!

Each week, I will be sharing tips, tricks, ingredients, product recommendations, and sample routines for the all skin types and the most common skin concerns. Please contact me or comment if there is a specific skin concern you would like me to research and address. Questions are not only welcomed but ENCOURAGED (like, please, help me help you).

Before this series goes off and subdivides, here are some basic “rules” to keep in mind that apply to any and everyone:

1-Make sure you know your skin type and what concerns you wish to treat (if you don’t know, or would like confirmation/clarification, please see my post here). The clearer you are on your skin goals, the easier it is to select the products and ingredients that will get you there.

2-Your mileage may vary. What works for some, may not work for you and vice versa. Be vigilant with monitoring how your skin looks and feels. One man’s piece of sh** is another man’s Holy Grail…

3-Honor your skin and its sensitivities. Keeping a list of irritating products and/or ingredients can be very helpful. Just because something is stinging does NOT mean that it is working!

4-Customize your routine to YOU. If you are a low-maintenance kind of person, then a 10 step routine with lots of actives probably isn’t best for you. If you are like me, bring on the layers.

5-Patch test. Especially if you know you have sensitive skin. And also, introduce products slowly, one at a time.

6-Go big or go home. If a product has been given enough time to work (for most non-actives products this is around a month) and is not showing good-enough results, don’t be afraid to gift it/chuck it. Just because you want it to work, or paid a lot of money for it, or whatever your reasons, doesn’t mean you should keep it. Don’t even stick it out a month if the product causes any discomfort or weird side effects like acne (excepting actives which are their own breed of cat. For more info, see my actives post).

I’ll post a catch-all page with links to all the series posts as I post them on the home page for easy access. At the end, this will form a very comprehensive guide that I hope both my current and future readers/followers can continue to refer back to.

Every Monday, there will be a post introducing a skin type/concern along with tips and tricks on how to manage/treat it, and some helpful information on ingredients, formulations, etc. These posts will also feature a sample routine for the week’s skin type/concern featuring product recommendations.


Ok, that about does it. I’m really looking forward to putting together this project and I hope you all are excited as I am! Please, please, please, contact me/comment with all your questions and knowledge. This project’s ultimate goal is to be a (very) comprehensive resource to all that need it and it won’t be the same without lots of reader input.

As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading and following this blog. I hope to get to know each and every one of you guys better through this project and truly hope everyone can participate in this.

Lots of love,



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