Sheet Mask Showdown/7 Day Sheet Mask Challenge

Unless you are totally new to this blog (which if you are-welcome!), its completely obvious that I may have a slight sheet mask addiction. I’m that girl who wears them around the house like they are some sort of face-shirt or something: while I watch TV, while I’m at the computer, while I’m washing dishes, cleaning, studying…I’m more used to seeing a mask on my face when I look in the mirror than my own bare face. It doesn’t help the fact that I’ve now got retinoid-face from my Curology prescription…so I am completely #enabled.

So before my friends and family hold an intervention and I get hauled off to a sheet mask addiction clinic, here is a quick round up of the masks I’ve tried this past week. One per day keeps the skin woes away!

Pony Effect Luminous Boosting Mask Pack Express Soothing Face Mask

This mask was so awesome that it deserves a post of its own. In short: its one of the more amazing masks I’ve tried…and that is really saying something coming from mask queen over here.

Botanic Farm Cherry Blossom Mask & Botanic Farm Kiwi Mask

While these masks are not as great as my beloved Etude House I Need You ones, they are still a decent everyday mask. They fit pretty well, don’t have any sort of overpowering/obnoxious smell, don’t break the bank, and provide an extra boost of moisture to give you that classic, dewy sheet mask glow. I tend to alternate these sorts of “1$” masks with fancier, pricier ones so that my skin can leave me in peace without making my wallet fall to its knees.

P.D.F  A.C Dressing Ampoule Mask

Going along with its name (I guess), this sheet mask felt like a bandage in texture. As I was removing it from its packet, I was afraid it would be a bit rough, but once on my face, it wasn’t any different than any other fiber-based mask. This one did a good job of staying saturated for a long time (no weird crusty dry bits) and really helped with my dryness. It had a soothing effect as well which was a perk.

Innisfree Its Real Squeeze Mask Bija

I really liked this mask and am so glad I ordered a bajillion of them when they were on sale back from my Memebox haul. Its very effective at hydrating my skin without any residue/film, and always leaves my skin soothed. I’ve used this mask a few times now and have fallen in love with how fresh-faced I always look after wearing it. Its a miracle worker on angry spots; this mask is excellent at taking down the redness factor several notches. Highly recommend.

Bonvivant Aloe Botanical Mask Pack

Aloe is a classic skincare ingredient, known for its soothing properties. This mask lists aloe extract instead of water as the bulk filler and is made of  plant fiber. Mainly, this mask just moisturized my skin-my face was hydrated, but my spots were still doing their normal angry-red thing. The only stand-out thing about this mask was how freakishly soft it was; I kind of didn’t want to take it off…ever. But the results were sub-par to even the Botanic Farm cheapies.

Botanic Farm Polar Energy Camel Milk (Anti-Aging) Hydrogel Mask Pack

I have to say, while this mask did really help brighten my face, it was so, so, so uncomfortable. For starters, hydrogel is just sort of…icky to me. It makes me a little squeamish; its texture is like putting raw meat on my face (you are welcome). So while my wallet rejoices, jello-textured masks are a rarity in my routine and I always forget how face-conforming they are. Sometimes, this is a good thing (like whoa! I forgot how well they fit-I can do all sorts of things while wearing this! Why don’t I buy these more often?) or, as in this case, how hard it can be to get a good fit. I could not wait to take this mask off because it just CUT into my face. Anywhere the mask ended, it got sharper and sharper as it began to dry. The eye area was the worst. It covers a good amount of under-eye area (usually a perk), but I had to keep looking up the entire time I wore this mask to prevent a razor sharp edge from attacking my poor eyebags. The results were by no means wimpy-everywhere was bright and dewy-but not worth the cost or the experience.

Well, there is your peek into the life of someone living on the cusp of needing sheet mask rehab. I hope you found these quick, mini-reviews helpful. If there are any masks (besides the super-jaw-droppingly-awesome PONY mask) that you would like a more in-depth, ingredient-analysis type review of, just let me know! It doesn’t even need to be a mask listed here, just one you are curious about. I’m always looking for new things to try!


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