Miracle In a Bottle: La’dor Perfect Hair Fill Up Ampoule

Pretty much anything hair care from La’dor will have me shoving my money in the face of the nearest retailer,  but one of their products has become a personal favorite of mine…actually, all of their conditioners are my absolute favorite, but oh, well. Today, I will be focusing on my favorite ampoule by them, which is called the Perfect Hair Fill Up Ampoule.

Basically, there is a vial of this miracle liquid that gets mixed in a 1:1 ratio with water. Once stirred around a little bit, the two substances blend together to form another white mixture that goes on your hair for 20-30 minutes. After it is rinsed out, the hair just needs to be blow dried for you to feel all the benefit.

The Ingredients:

water, steartrimonium chloride, alcohol, hydrolyzed keratin, hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolized silk, ceramide, methylparaben, polyperaben, fragrance

In order for proteins to have any positive effect on hair, they have to be hydrolyzed (aka undergo hydrolysis, aka be broken down into a modified substance) so that the amino acids that make up the proteins can become small enough to bond to the hair shaft.How these ingredients work is similar to emollients in the moisturizing world (you can read more about that in this post). The hydrolyzed proteins fill in the cracks and gaps in the hair shafts (from sun damage, coloring, etc), providing a temporary fix to the hair. Despite the temporary nature of said fix, it is vital in keeping hair looking healthy and at its best.

Hair is roughly 90% keratin (a protein) so seeing a hydrolyzed form of that in the ingredient list is no surprise. Keratin is an ingredient that will make hair feel stronger and also help the strands retain more moisture-which means softer, smoother, more lustrous strands.

Collagen is a word commonly tossed around in the realm of skin care, but when it comes to the hair care world, hydrolyzed collagen means more moisture for the hair. The protein derived from silk (called sericin) is again, another moisture-binding ingredient.

Ceramides are another ingredient that both the skin and hair care world love. These naturally occur in nature and are long, lipid chains that help retain moisture and repair damage (a favorite ingredient in fixing damaged moisture barriers or giving hair new life).

That scary-sounding ingredient listed second is responsible for the solution that results after the ampoule is mixed with water (what goes on the hair). Steartrimonium chloride is an anti-static that is commonly used in all sorts of personal care products. It can help water mix with oils and help form emulsions by reducing the surface tension of the product that contains it and keep it suspended in another liquid. Its probably lurking in your conditioner or hair dye.

Given this ingredient list, this ampoule is a high-powered hair-transforming machine, pretty much guaranteed to moisturize and smooth hair. I could have just told you that,but doesn’t knowing why just feel so much better?

Awkward close up of the awesomeness (as bathroom lighting, well…)

Having used this product on a weekly basis for about four months now, my overall hair texture has greatly improved. I have very thin, fine hair that is easily weighed down by the amount of moisture it craves and this product has not only been able to hydrate without turning my hair into a pancake against my scalp, but has gradually helped thicken my hair (probably plumped it up with enough moisture that it actually looks like I have hair on my head now).

Before & After: what you cant see is the ridiculous softness

For an investment of 20 minutes a week, even my lazy, hair-care hating self can pull a treatment like this off. The results are more than worth it!



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