The Liebster Award

First and foremost, I would love to thank the lovely Molly from kawaiipeachgrl for nominating me for this award! She has an amazing blog that is full of cool hauls, great outfits, pretty makeup looks, and reviews! It would mean a lot to me if anyone reading this would please go check out her wonderful blog. It is truly one of my favorites that I’ve stumbled on so far! (which is why I’m so honored to be nominated by Her Royal Awesomness). THANK YOU!

The rules for this award are as follows:

  • Post 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions from your nominator.
  •  Nominate 11 other blogs with under 200 followers and ask them 11 questions (let them know you nominated them, tag them in your post or tell them in some way!)

Lots of elevens, no?

So here are 11 facts about me (I’ve tried very hard to make them not the same as the nominator’s 11 questions):

  1. I am a certified TEFL instructor (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). I would love to study/teach in Japan or South Korea in the next few years!
  2. I have reverse SAD-I cannot function when it is hot out. I literally wilt like a plant with no water. In the winter season, I come alive. Are any of you like this?
  3. I graduated from college with a BA in Creative Writing in June.
  4. My birthday is June 26. I’m currently 22 and feeling very, very old and simultaneously very, very young…
  5. I have two dogs: one ginormous black lab mix found as a stray in a park (he’s like 90 lbs guys), and one I’ve-no-idea-what-the-heck-she-may-be mutt who is brindle and white and grunts like a pig when she stretches. She is, thankfully, under 90 lbs.
  6. I study Japanese, but don’t watch a lick of anime (excepting Miyazaki for the most part). I admire the history and culture built into the language and its kanji, plus may or may not have a total life goals crush on my tutor/friend/ teacher. Potential conversation partners, come at me! I’d love to meet and talk with you! 🙂
  7. I am equally a coffee and tea person. Nothing is better than a soy latte on a cold, winter morning, or a lovely iced mint tea in the middle of a sultry afternoon.
  8. I was a total bookworm as a child. I actually won a scholarship that my school created just for me because I literally read almost every single book in my school’s library. I am not kidding in the slightest! That creative writing major makes more sense now huh?
  9. To make money during high school, I sold homemade cookies and made crocheted goods modeled after food stuffs. Twinkiechan (this is her blog) really inspired me. We’re talking bacon and egg ear muffs, cupcake scarves, and carrot (top) hats. My pride and joy was a custom order I did for a friend of a friend: a Nyan cat scarf! It was surprisingly more lucrative than I had thought it would be!
  10. I used to work as a pastry chef. Obviously, I’m a sweet over savory type of gal.
  11. I currently have two tattoos, and may get a third one in the next few years or so. At one point, I also had a navel and a nose piercing, but I kept snagging both of them and got tired of almost ripping them out on a weekly basis. My eighteen year old self, am I right?

And these are the questions from my lovely nominator, kawaiipeachgrl:

  1. In what country are you living at the moment? I am currently living in the US. 
  2. What is your dream job? My dream job basically revolves around the idea of being self-employed. I would LOVE to start my own online Asian skincare and cosmetics company a la Memebox or Sokoglam, while running a Youtube channel/blog about the subject, while also teaching English and Japanese language and composition classes. I’m a workaholic, what can I say? ;D Freelance or die!
  3. Whats your favourite cartoon/anime/fictional character? (E.g. hello kitty, snoopy or harry potter) My favorite character is tied for two of my favorite books: Meg, from A Wrinkle in Time, and Coraline, from Coraline. I admire both characters for their bravery despite all odds. 
  4. Favourite film you have seen and why is it your favourite? Ugh, so hard to choose, but probably Spirited Away by Hayao Miyazaki (but honestly, any of his/his studio’s work). All of his films are so inspiring and empowering, not to mention drop dead gorgeous. I feel so lucky to have grown up watching his work.
  5. What’s your favourite beauty item AND brand? Brand is easy: CosRX is my ride or die. I have yet to find anything terrible made by them. My favorite product is so, so hard to narrow down, but at the moment, I’m falling in love all over again with CosRX’s Brightening Rice Overnight Spa Mask…why did I wait so long to repurchase? And like, of course, its made by CosRX. 
  6. What’s your favourite season, spring/summer/autumn or winter? Autumn, hands down. Pumpkin spice lattes, dramatic lip makeup, trench coats and cozy sweaters, a perfect excuse to spend waaaaay to much on winter skin care products…need I say more?
  7. Favourite sound? (E.g. rain, running water, waves, fire crackling) What an awesome question! Let me think…I shall get weirdly specific, but I love the play growls my dogs make when they play-they are just too freaking cute! Its like a cat purr on steroids and makes me all warm and fuzzy watching them tussle about in the living room, tails wagging. A good association!
  8. Who is your role model and why? I am sorry to be this cheesy, but my SO is my biggest role model. That takes a lot for me to say, as I look up to a lot of people-its how I continue to grow as a person and push myself to become better-but its 100% true. Sure, he may not understand my Korean beauty passions, or my need for trashy reality television, or nice dishware, or Urban Outfitter’s apartment sales, but he is such a steady, stable, strong person who has proved time and time and time again that he is here for me and will support me as an actual human being.  He is truly my best friend, and my biggest role model, and I hope to God he never reads this as he hates this “cheesy crap.”  I also love and look up to my Japanese tutor, friend, and former teacher, because she is just too damn cool for words. A non-cheesy answer for you non-cheesy folk!
  9. What’s your favourite shop? Memebox probably has over half of my entire life savings at this point. They are just too convenient and keep sending me reward codes.  (Amazon has my other lifetime saving’s half, but I don’t think they count as a real uniform shop lol).
  10. What do you like to do at the weekends or in your spare time? I am seriously addicted to the state of being achieved when in total creative flow. You know that feeling when you are so absorbed in something (a truly good book or movie, writing a blog post, meditation, painting, cleaning, etc) that time ceases to pass and you just merge into one being with whatever you are doing/making? Then you look at the clock and the entire day has gone in the blink of an eye? That is how I wish to live as much of my life as possible. I try to spend as much time as possible in this state; looking back on my life, I want to be able to smile at my past self, knowing I spent it being happy through creativity. My spare moments are dedicated to touching that state, via lots and lots of creative projects. Do any of you regularly chase this feeling? Or even know what I’m talking about? 😅
  11. Have you been playing pokemon go? If yes, what level are you? if no, why not? I feel so weird saying “no, I don’t,” but mainly, the day I was thinking about sacrificing what remains of my free time to the Pokemon Go gods (it really does seem so fun!), I was standing in the coffee line, and everyone in front and everyone behind me were swiping up on their phones, playing this game (every. single. person). I had a mini-existential crisis about technology and living life through a screen (albeit I am a blogger! haha) which made me decide not to do it. Should I be playing it though? I loved that show as a kid! Just…free time.

These were great questions! Some of them really made me think. Finally, here are mine for my wonderful nominees:

  1. What is the most gutsy thing you have ever done (and are willing to share)?
  2. Describe your dream life. What does your daily routine look like?
  3. Are you a coffee or a tea person?
  4. Why did you first get into blogging?
  5. Where are you currently living?
  6. What is your favorite thing to do on a lazy afternoon?
  7. What is your current skin or beauty routine?
  8. Are you a sweet or a savory person? /What is your favorite dessert/dish?
  9. Do you have any “bodily modifications” such a tattoos or piercings? If so, where? What’s the story?
  10. What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
  11. Do you tend to speak your mind or do you prefer to calculate a response? Why/why not?

And, of course, the most fun part, the nominees! Please check out their wonderful blogs!


Ever Impractical

Laquing in Creativity

simply floral

Beauty Blush



Frying the Nest



My Point of Beauty

Congratulations you fantastic bloggers you! There is no pressure whatsoever to create a post from this nomination, and if you don’t like any of the questions, just say so and change them to something you like better! I apologize if you all have more than 200 followers; it was too creepy-feeling to double check.

Okay, so that concludes this post! Again, a super-sized thank you to kawaiipeachgril for taking the time to nominate this blog, and another super-sized congratulations to my nominees. Be sure to let me know if/when you do this post because I would love to read them 🙂

Ciao for now!


  1. Thank you for the Kindest shout out ever ! I had alot of fun reading your answers !! 😊 coraline is one of my fav movies, and I’m totally with ya, cosrx saved my skin I love the stuff! 😄 💗

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for nominating me!! This means so much! Your facts were so fun to read. That’s awesome you teach English as a second language! I have tried learning Spanish (took it for 6 years honestly and can’t remember a thing), Arabic (failed so bad at this omg it was so overwhelming) and also French…they were all a struggle but I’m not giving up and eventually I plan to speak all three fluently!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s just lots and lots of practice! I got a tutor to hold me accountable and that has helped enormously. Especially in the throughs of intermediate/advanced learning where visible progress is hard to see. If you need any support or language learning tips, feel free to contact me! I (obviously) love learning and teaching language!

      Liked by 1 person

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