July Favorites

This month flew by! I can’t believe its almost August can you? Anyway, today I thought I would share my favorite products from this month.


Innisfree Bija Sheet Mask-this was my go-to mask this month because it was so moisturizing and soothing without any filminess. It really helped calm my skin and tame the last skin purging stragglers.Super gentle. A true basic, classic mask.

Elizavecca Milky Piggy Hell-Pore Clean-Up Mask-For the price of a box of Biore pore strips, you can have the same power in liquid form to put all over your face. So great at keeping pores clear and blackheads at bay (not to mention taming that wild peach fuzz). Its not exactly gentle, but just avoid sensitive areas like around the eyes and any wanted hair (like your eyebrows).


Skinfood’s Salmon Dark Circle Concealer Cream-this stuff works wonders on my (super) dark undereye area and also on redness and zits. Its so versatile and its wonderful thick, waxy texture helps it stay put all day long. One layer of this and I’m done. Easy to blend out, covers effortlessly. One of the best concealers I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried A LOT).

Too Faced Born This Way Liquid Foundation in Snow-With all my recent redness and adventures in Purge-atory, I was forced to ditch my super sheer foundation habits and invest in something with heavier coverage. I had been needing a paler shade anyway (thanks niacinamide and regular sunscreen use!) so I hauled my weeping, screaming wallet into ULTA and was totally that girl who had to swatch everything. After swiping on any foundation-like product baring “pale as f***” in its color name, I came across the (adorable) Too Faced section. I went all the way to the start of the row of foundations and picked up the shade”Snow” only to have a perfect match (yaaassss!). So yes, I am pale as snow. I swear, a twenty year old corpse has more color than me. End of story.


Lador Hair Care- this brand is an absolute miracle in a bottle and I am seriously not kidding right now. I have ridiculously fine hair so finding conditioners that will allow it to survive a couple blow drying sessions per week and not plaster it to my scalp with weight is an impossible challenge. Between the serum, tea tree conditioner, and the 10 min treatment, my hair looks and feels healthier than it has ever been-this is with me bleaching and coloring my hair for the first time as well! If they ever discontinue their products I may honestly off myself. Life will never be the same without them!

These are the products that I can’t seem to stop using this month. I highly recommend them all 🙂 What have you been digging this month? Anything in particular you just can’t live without?


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