Get the Look: Melty Icecream DIY Mani x Beauties on Fire: Summer Styles

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time for another Beauties on Fire Collaboration! This week’s theme is summer styles.

While, yes, summer means SPF, water-proof mascara, pool party hair, and beach bunny looks, it’s also about letting your hair down, relaxing, and having fun. Why not let your creative, fun side out with a super-cute manicure featuring a cornerstone summertime theme: ice cream!

Melting Ice Cream Nails:

1) Paint the bottom 2/3 of your nails with a biscuit-esque color that will serve as the main cone color.

2) Once the main cone color is dry to the touch, use a toothpick to draw thin, diagonal lines across your nail where the cone color is, in criss crossing rows, in a dark brown color. These are the lines of the cone.

3) After the cone part has completely dried, use a dotting tool or a round nail brush, begin to paint the melting ice cream. It works best to take a saturated nail brush/dotting tool and start with the drips, moving them upwards towards tip of the nail. Let this coat dry completely.

4) To add more “pop” to this look, add a layer of white (but brown, pink, or really any color would work), over the first ice cream color, following the same process as step 3. Leave a little of the original ice cream color peeking out though!


Once the second ice cream layer is dry, it’s a perfect time to add sprinkles! The easiest way is to simply use a glitter polish and make sure the glitter chunks are evenly distributed. The fun way is to gather up your favorite nail polishes and hand paint them using a toothpick (or dotting tool). Basically, take a little nail polish onto your tool of choice, and lightly dab it onto the ice cream part of the nail. Clean off and repeat with the other colors.

No icecream sundae is complete without a cherry on top! The cherry can be simply a big red dot, although small jewels would also look quite nice.
Once everything is dry, don’t forget to apply 1-2 clear top coats to seal everything in and add some shine.

Warning: it may be hard to avoid biting your nails with a mani this yummy! 😂

These nails embody one of the trademarks of summer while looking super cute and yummy. While they may take a little time and practice to achieve, I think the results are beyond worth it. If you decide to try this, let me know! I’d love to see how they turned out 🙂

Don’t forget to check out the other summer styles posts from this collaboration-simply click the link below!

beauties on fire

Now I’m off to grab some gelato; this tutorial has made me hungry! Till next time! 😘


  1. I kinda wanna do this specifically to screw with my guy’s head and see if I can make him crave icecream before he goes shopping… I seriously love this idea. I hadn’t seen ice cream nails before! You’re corrupting me into the nail art scene.

    I’m so glad I discovered your blog through this collab. You’re definitely deserving of the One Lovely Blog Award. How very convenient that you’re nominated today 😉

    PS these photos are amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! ❤️ My fav part of this collab has been discovering all these blogs I otherwise wouldn’t have! Ironically, my bf suggested the idea unloading groceries. He was like “do food something,” as he was putting ice cream into the freezer! I think your plan would definitely work 😊🍦 sneaky, sneaky


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