A Non-Perfect Brow Guide for People with Non-Perfect Brows

 As I seemingly am always pressed for time getting ready (thank you Korean skin routine) and am not really a fan of spending 15 minutes doing my brows alone like so many of the tutorials and YouTube videos out there, I thought I would write about how a “brow-lazy” girl does her brows (in two minutes, tops, no joke).

This post was originally inspired by a comment on an article on the Into the Gloss website. It was something along the lines of “yet another girl with good eyebrows to begin with doing a brow guide-what about the non brow blessed people?!” Good-to-begin-with brows or not, I still think it’s a great starting point for those learning how to fill in their eyebrows

But this comment did get me thinking. Blonde brow’d people have so few products that match their color (always seem too brown) AND that are also easy to find (when I went brow makeup shopping, ULTA had two Anastasia taupe brow kits and no blonde ones, but about 10-15 of brown and black shades kits!). They also deal with young children questioning their brows’ existence all the time-we certainly aren’t the most disadvantaged brow population out there, but we definitely don’t come to mind whenever “bold brows” is tossed around! So, here is a Non-Perfect Brow Guide, made by a Non-Perfect Brow Person.

These are the products I use and how I use them to do my brows on a daily basis:

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit in Taupe and like Maybelline’s Brow Drama Mascrara. Super simple, super easy

Prep work: About once a week, I’ll go in with a pair of tweezers and focus my efforts in the Unibrow Danger Zone. I’ll also take a minute to clean up the space under my brow, removing any weird baby hair or strange strands that don’t belong. If anything is getting overgrown, I use a pair of manicure siccors to trim it down. Regularly keeping the brows groomed helps keep makeup time down- much like clearer skin means less time spent on base makeup πŸ™‚ This is generally the area of eyebrows that leads to Non-Perfect Eyebrows via Brow Horror Stories. Try to prevent that.

1) Since I like to use powder over pencil, I run a clear brow gel through my brows to give the powder something to stick to and to brush my brows into a fuller, more well-kept state.

2) I then take a spoolie and brush my brows downward, and use brow powder to sketch out the arch, making a light line. I then use the spoolie to brush the hairs back up over the line.

3) I take the same shade of brow powder and use light, feathery strokes to add definition and color to my brows. I use the spoolie to blend out the powder and distribute it evenly throughout the hairs.

Tip: Go easy on the color on the inner parts of your brow, and avoid extending the brow longer than the outer edge of your eye-this can make the eye area look droopy!

4) Repeat powder and blend step as necessary. Generally once will suffice. Make sure there aren’t any weird gaps in the application.

5) To add a final layer of definition and to keep brows in place all day, I finish off with a tinted brow mascara. I lightly run this through my brows in 1-2 quick strokes. Run the spoolie through brows a final time to disperse any clumps or concentrations of color.

Bonus Step: to get my brows to “pop,” I’ll add a little highlighter both on my brow bone and slightly above the arch of my brow during that step of my makeup.

I personally feel that blonde brows are more forgiving than darker brows in terms of maintainence, but a lot harder to actually define and use makeup on. In a way it’s nice (forgot to pluck? Not really a problem!), but also it makes many looks harder to pull off without that bold brow to frame everything. For me, a hint of color and combing things into place is enough for daily wear.

What is your current brow routine?  Do you have any Brow Horror Stories of bleaching or overplucking? 😜


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