August Favorites/Empties

August is winding down to a close and bringing with it the end of summer (or at least the beginning of the end as where I live, the weather insists on staying hot until the end of September on a good, early winter year). Even though I’ll still be struggling consistently with high temperatures and humidity for probably another month, at least on those few glorious days of crisp air, I can bust out a sweater and take a break from envying those already complaining of the chill. Since its the end of the month and also of the season (more or less), I thought I’d do something a little special and do an empties favorite post.

These are the products I’ve been loving enough to finish the whole bottle (or tub, whatever) this month :

Scinic All Day Fine Clay Pore Mask-I originally didn’t LOVE this product, but as I began to use it more and more, I began to like it more and more. It seriously helps refine my pores, but manages to somehow not dry out my dry skin. Don’t get me wrong though: you will feel this stuff drying on your face. Your face will not be able to move without a little crackly pain. But when you look in the mirror and see all the crap that was in your pores on the dry surface of the mask, that accidental smile that felt like it ripped your chin off will be so, so worth it. The texture is whipped by the way, which is really cool  for a clay mask. It spreads easily, but definitely hop in the shower or use a face cloth when you try to get it off. I probably just made it sound terrible here, but it will seriously whip your pores into shape (hahaha!)

Memebox I’m Blush-I’ve hit complete pan on this blush. It was just such a great babydoll shade of pink that looked super natural and just seemed to go with everything. I don’t think they sell this anymore so feel free to give me suggestions down below!

Urban Decay Foundation-this has been one of my favorite foundations ever. The coverage is sheer, but also probably the most buildable and natural looking I have ever come across. Next time at the store, I’ll be forking over the cash for another one…and probably for their equally as awesome concealer. I have absolutely no idea how I lived without these two things before stumbling on them a year ago.

Memebox I’m Cleansing Oil-like a loyal steed, this has taken off my makeup almost every night for the past six months. I had originally wanted the dry skin version of this oil, but settled for the oily skin version when the one I wanted was sold out. It’s very moisturizing despite the name. On sale, this was quite a bang for my buck. A little really went a long way.

CosRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner-this is such an amazing toner, perfect for brightening skin while helping adjust  skin’s pH to an ideal level for applying actives (like the name suggests). It’s also very hydrating at the same time-I’d spritz it on my face all day long if I could!

Missha All Around Safe Block Sun Essence- with an SPF of 45 and a PA+++ rating, this quick-drying, hydrating, and invisible-once-applied sunscreen has got me hooked. It completely disappears into the skin, and doesn’t ball up or flake under makeup. It is also quick drying (but not at all drying to the skin!), doesn’t have that typical sunscreen-y smell, or feel greasy or gross in any way. I would  definitely  recommend this one to anyone new to the sunscreen-can-actually-be-pleasant game, along with the ever-famous Biore Aqua Rich.

I would repurchase any of these products in a heartbeat- in fact, replacements for some may already be on their way!

What are your most recent empties?



  1. I want to try alll things CosRX! That AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner sounds incredible. I can’t wait to try that. Where did you get yours from? I’m thinking of ordering off Jolse.
    It’s been so hot here lately – where you do live? I’m in Toronto. 🙂

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