What’s in My Bag?

I always love seeing posts and videos addressing the “what’s in my bag” tag. I’m not very much a snoopy person, but I feel that a person’s purse can reveal a lot about them, making me feel like I know a certain vlogger or blogger better, and it is also a great outlet for picking up product recommendations and discovering new cute/useful things I probably wouldn’t otherwise. I never thought I’d ever be running a blog let alone be doing one of these myself. Oh, life’s surprises 🙂

I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to carrying things around. Its usually just my wallet, my phone, my makeup bag, and my keys, plus whatever essentials I may need to lug around that day (books, laptop, etc).

So my makeup pouch is what makes up the majority of what I carry. I tend to keep all of my makeup stuff grouped together in this simple white pouch or a larger clear one when I need more than just touch-up supplies. I *always* take at least my cushion compact (w/SPF containing foundation/bb cream), my Ciracle sebum control powder, a comb, my super-cute macaroon lip balm, and whatever lip color I’m wearing that day. What usually happens is a bajillion and one lip products wind up living in this pouch because I can never remember/be bothered to take them back out. I try to keep oil absorbing sheets and breath mints/gum in there as well.

If I know that I’ll need to stay decent-looking all day, say I have to observe classes or meet with a bunch of students that day, I’ll go ahead and bring concealer and either a brush, or more often, my travel-size makeup blender-so convenient! Any “finicky” makeup, like an eye shadow or blush that I know tends to fade fast, gets stuck in here as well. If I’ll be outside a lot, walking and such, my sunscreen comes with me too.

I always try to have a facial mist with me like this adorable bunny one from TonyMoly. Hydration is so important!

Just in case anyone is wondering why someone with dry skin is carrying around both oil absorbing sheets AND a sebum control powder, its not really for my skin, but for combating what the weather does to my face. From essentially March to late September, Florida is so freaking hot and humid, it destroys your makeup and any hope of a matte finish. I have to use a lot of hydrating makeup products (like foundation and concealer) to not emphasize and exacerbate my dry skin, but the creamier the product, the more the humidity takes it from “dewy-fresh” to “OMG-this girl needs to go take a shower, I was blinded by the sun gleaming off her sweat? highlight? pores? do I want to know?”

Basically, I use the facial mist to (cool the f*** off) help remove extra makeup, then blot it off once it evaporates/absorbs with an oil absorbing sheet (which is much gentler than say, a paper towel or piece of separated TP). Then, after I touch up with a little foundation or concealer, I finish off with the Ciracle powder which has amazing staying power and tends to give my face a longer chance at surviving the 90%+ humidity in 90+ degree (F) heat.

Well, there you have it: my first ever “what’s in my bag.” If you all decide to do one of these in the near future, I would love to read/watch them! Let me know in the comments below 🙂 What’s currently in your bag?



  1. I love facial mists haha! I always have trouble picking on that is small and compact enough to fit into my bag though.. But mists are so goood especially when the whether is hot or when my skin is so dehydrated !

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