Real Talk+Etude House Play Color Eyes: in the Cafe Swatches and Mini-Review 

Staying content and happy in life can be really hard in today’s modern culture. Juggling professional demands with staying on top of house work, keeping up with social and romantic relationships, for some:maintaining a family or at least taking care of pets, trying to keep in touch with friends and family, social media, and simply trying to have a life on top of all this is a recipe for disaster and emotional burnout.

So where am I going with all this?

Your beauty routine can help you.

For me, personally, a diligent skin routine not only got me back on track in terms of self-care, but taught me to work with myself instead of against myself…give your skin what it needs over saturating it with harsh treatments. That easily translates into healthier habits beyond the vanity table.

Using your bathroom counter top as the starting point for a healthier, happier you may be the most helpful thing you do for yourself in the next year or so.

Having said all this, picking products that speak to you, that capture who you want to be, where you want to go, in short, inspire you, has become a hobby of mine.

This isn’t to say that, like, my deodorant reflects my future career path or anything, but I try hard to pick the product that will deliver the results I need in the most aesthetically pleasing way as possible.

In steps Etude House (and no, not because my ultimate life goal is to be a princess…although I wouldn’t be all too opposed to that if it were to just happen). When I saw this palette, I saw the seamless merging of three things that always put a smile on my face: Etude House, eyeshadow, and coffee. Oh. Hell. Yes.

First of all, can anyone look at the case without instantly thinking of their favorite cozy coffee cafe or smelling a dark, rich roast? It’s literally like your morning coffee…but for your face.

This palette has gotten a lot of love on a regular basis…should have cleaned it up a bit more for the photo but was too excited over this post-so my apologies! But one month strong and I’m still reaching for it more than any other one…let that be the proof.

The colors themselves are lovely basic essentials. I have blue eyes, so browns help my eyes pop. When I first got the case, the shadows were protected by a plastic insert that had the most adorable coffee/latte drinks printed on the along with, well, coffee-related names. Now if only they smelled like their titles (mmm, cafe mocha and honey milk )…

Etude House Play Colour Eyes In The Cafe - Hikoco - Korean Beauty, Skincare, Makeup, Products in New Zealand - 2

Here are some translations of the colors and a good view of the shades: Image credit

The colors all work really well with each other which is such a plus!

Even though I had to wait over a month for this palette to ship to my country (#kbeautyproblems), I am so glad I bought it. It’s by no means high-end in terms of quality,  but the pleasure I get from its super cute packaging and it’s wide range of simple, pretty, totally-spending-the-afternoon-in-a-coffee-shop-appropriate looks, makes me really glad I splurged on some shipping charges and got this favorite addition to my collection.

This review isn’t so much about recommending this particular product (although it’s really great and you should go buy it if you’d like!), but recommending using the things that will regularly add more pep to your step.

Things won’t make you happy; even all the Tony Moly and Etude House products won’t ever magically make your life turn into the life of your dreams. But treating yo’self to things that regularly put a smile on your face and help you feel you can take on the world? 100%worth the investment.

So go slay ’em readers! Take on the world!

What products or rituals help you channel your inner-awesomeness? What do you think of the palette?

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