Getting Ready for School with the Pros

Hi there everyone! This week’s beauties on fire collaboration is a back to school theme. 

School is back in session for many, and getting up early to catch class is never fun. I actually wrote about? divulged? pretty much all my tips and favorite products to make those difficult mornings a little less stressful in my Back to School Beauty Guide if you’d like to check it out (#shameless self promo 😜).

However, to be honest, I’m a total morning person and don’t have too many qualms about waking up an extra half hour early to slap on a sheet mask or make sure my hair is done. Like, a morning person to the point I’ll wake up early on weekends just to sip on coffee outside or whatever and get a head start to my day. Eeeewww, I know. At least it’s coffee and not a green smoothie, right? Right?!

Anyway, back in my Ye Olde College Days (I graduated like 3 months ago lol), I loved to watch and copy looks from YouTube videos to get ready for the day, namely PONY Effect and Lisa Eldridge  makeup tutorials. Most of the time, it never took much longer than the videos themselves, and was an entertaining way to start the day-almost like getting ready with one of your friends…well, in a weird, impersonal, virtual sort of way.

If you aren’t as ridiculously as much of a morning person as me, instead of pausing every so often to replicate the steps as you get ready in the morning, you can always watch them the night before and screen shot the look-whatever works for you.

Anyway, enough with this long intro. Here are some of my all-time favorite get ready with a famous makeup artist (GRWAFMUA?) videos whose looks I still replicate to this day.




I personally love every single one of these tutorials because all the looks are fairly easy to recreate, look good on pretty much everyone, don’t require anything too crazy, and-most importantly-are wonderful for the classroom or office.

What do you guys think of these tutorials? Does anyone else love watching YouTube videos while they get ready? 

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  1. These videos are great.. I wish makeup videos on YouTube was thing when I was in high school. Lol. I’d rather wake up early than stay up late, but I don’t particularly like waking up…

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  2. I didn’t wear too much makeup when I was in school. And frankly, It would have been nice to have easy access to YouTube when I was younger. I think my makeup skills would be much much better by now lol.
    Anyway, great picks!

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  3. You enjoy waking up in the morning? I’m so jealous right now lol. I would really like to wake up and enjoy it, not looking like I’m back from the dead… I’m with you, I like watching YouTube videos learn some new tricks and stuff

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  4. The youth of today are so lucky that there’s now so many YouTubers around showing them the best make-up tricks, I never had this when I were in school haha. All of these looks are lovely and very simple, I especially like the Nikkie Tutorials one.

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