Esfolio Foot and Heel Peeling Mask Review

There is an increasingly popular, no-longer-cult product known as Baby Foot that promises to make swathes of skin fall off your feel and reveal, well, baby soft skin underneath. And they deliver on this promise, as any quick Google search of the product reveals. 

In my search for a similar product, that wouldn’t cost a whopping 20$, I stumbled upon the Esfolio Foot and Heel Peeling Mask on the Memebox site (on sale, 2$, I don’t think they have restocked them(and for obvious reasons, but we’ll get there)). 

As with what seems to be all at-home foot peels, you soak your feet for 1-2 hours in plastic booties  filled with (supposedly) fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids. The AHAs slowly work on breaking the bonds (the glue) that hold skin cells together on your feet, and after anywhere from 3-7 days post-soaking, the skin begins to peel away, often in disgustingly satisfying large sheets. Soaking feet in hot water nightly can help speed up the process. 

I can’t say that this peel didn’t work-around 5 days post-soaking session, my feel began to peel and did so for about 4 days-it didn’t deliver the results I was hoping for. There was nothing remotely close to the level of peeling Baby Foot users showed on other blogs and image searches (I couldn’t find much on this particular peel by Esfolio either so I have nothing to compare my experience to other than Baby Foot). 

Instead of large sections, my skin pilled-up not unlike a knit sweater. Even soaking them for 20 minutes nightly once the peeling began, the peeling was minimal. Frankly speaking, my face probably does more peeling come drying out in the wintertime than this peel did for my feet.

It also only peeled around the outer edges of my heels, the outer edge of my foot, and on the balls of my feet. There was a small bit of peeling on one of my pinky toes, but nowhere else.. Maybe 15% of my foot actually dropped skin.

My feet aren’t much softer than they were pre-peel either. 

This product was bitterly disappointing; once they started to peel, I was so excited to start my foot journey anew for fall, but I think I’ll need to actually splurge on a Baby Foot peeling kit to get the results I was hoping for.

Overall Rating: 3-it works, but not like I wanted it too…hence, I personally won’t repurchase. 

Rating Scale:

1-Holy Grail.

2-Worthy of a spot in my current routine

3-Meh, probably won’t repurchase, but it wasn’t horrible

4- Don’t buy this, for your own sake

Have you ever done one of these foot peels before? Is the amount of skin gross…or secretly really awesome?



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