October Buy-and -Try/First Impressions

Some of my winter skincare products have already arrived! That means, of course, I couldn’t help myself and have already started trying some of them out. Here are my first impressions on some of these new-to-me products:

CosRX Propolis Light Ampoule

First of all, the color. Its drop-dead gorgeous and I want to paint my entire apartment in the exact shade so I can admire and stare at it all day long.

As for the actual product, the results are drop-dead amazing so far. It’s a bit sticky when first applied, but another layer of moisture on top takes care of that problem. It leaves my skin unbelievably smooth and supple; a few minutes after application, and it looks like I’ve spent the past hour sheet masking! Only a few uses so far, and I’m completely hooked. I can already tell its going to be a major skin saver this season 🙂

Etude House Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack:

I FINALLY have this bad boy in my well-moisturized clutches. I just had to have it in my collection because of the packaging. It just makes me so happy to wake up to it every morning. As I was buying solely for the packaging, I went all out and got the strawberry “flavor.” Sadly, the strawberry scent is minimal to nonexistent, and, turns out the pink kind is actually for dry skin (lucky!), but I have yet to be impressed with the results. The lid has a small notch which fits into a hole in the spoon you use to get the product out so the spoon snaps onto the product. Brilliant idea-why can’t all my moisturizers have this feature?

TonyMoly Tomatox Massage Pack:

While I did actually buy this product based on several well-loved samples, the packaging is sheer genius. It’s a tomato! The leaves/stem on the tomato are actually rubber (not painted on!), and the tomato is actually gradient colored with yellow and orange mixed in with the red-we’re talking a real-life looking tomato, not some cartoon version of one! The massage pack dries to a stark white color (think geisha like), and  makes skin look firmer and leaves it smooth and healthy looking. 

Vichy Dermablend Foundation:

I’ve wanted to get my hands on this ever since I cut my teeth on the makeup world via Lisa Eldridge’s Youtube videos. It works, just like she says: amazingly little product for an amazing amount of coverage. I bought it online in the lightest shade, but, of course, it is still slightly too beige for my stark whiteness. This being said, there were only 5-6 shades to choose from, so the colors are not as finely tuned like some other brands with 20+ different shades. My only complaints are that it is a little drying (but this is taking into account my already dry skin…this would probably be a great thing for any other skin type), and that it must have a layer of powder already dusted over it before adding any sort of other powder-based product. It doesn’t need powder to set or stay (I just do it anyway out of habit), but applying anything not liquid/cream based directly on top of the foundation means that it will streak and not blend evenly. Just a heads up.

Have you ever tried these products before? What did you think?


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