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7 Deadly Beauty Sins You Need to Stop Commiting Right Now

Hello there!

It’s time for another Beauties on Fire collaboration post, and this week’s voted theme was seven deadly sins.

Instead of going the traditional “lust, greed, etc” route, I am about to confess 7 really awful beauty “sins” that I commit on a regular basis and need to stop doing like three years ago (#notabeautyguru). And if you do any of these, you should probably stop doing them too 🙂

1) I don’t wear sunscreen everyday.image

Now let me explain myself here: I DO wear it everyday I’ll be exposed and/or outside. Even if I’m only running errands or walking from building to building, you bet I’ve got maximum protection going on. But if I’m gonna be at home all day, I’d just rather avoid the windows and let my skin breathe.

2) At least once a week, I fall asleep without putting on moisturizer after applying actives…

…And then wake up the next morning to my face looking like hell and having to apply All The Things several times over to recover. Don’t do it people. Set an alarm because it is so not worth it.


3) I bite my cuticles even though I know it’s super gross.


The poor little guys. You can tell when I’m stressed because that’s when I’ll bite them. And sometimes I chew them badly enough, I actually have to fork over the 20$ for an actual manicure at an actual nail establishment, and let the technician’s judgemental glare make me feel bad about what I’ve done. Sort of.

4) I pull at my eye when I apply eye liner.

imageSO, SO bad, and I literally avoid liner to prevent this. I just need that area flat for my line to work. Working on stopping this, slowly, but surely.

5) I pop my zits…because I’m a normal human. Just like how I don’t typically floss.

imageIf it can be popped, I’m gonna wind up popping it now matter how hard I try not to. And yes, this is so incredibly bad and I should be burned at the stake for doing it, but I know I’ll keep doing it anyway. It’s sick that it is so satisfying.

6) Shaving.

Because I can’t be bothered.

Because I’m (apparently) a blonde mole rat.

Because I’m a terrible at this whole girl thing.


7) I wash my hair every day. Every. Single. Day. (Yeah, you’re reading that right, and yes, you can leave hate comments about that fact down below).


And maybe one day, I’ll suck it up and learn to live with greasy, day-old hair. But I am just not in a place in my life right now where I can deal with that sort of lifestyle change yet. Freshly washed or die.

I deep condition it twice a day though, so does that make up for it? Please say yes.

So, obviously, I am definitely not a good role model when in comes to certain things. Use this confession to learn from my mistakes,  and please stop doing these if you happen to be doing so. Some of these are pretty darn bad. Maybe even evil.


Are you guilty of any of these?

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