How I Fixed My Keratosis Pilaris

YYQ3XBYDAPMany people struggle with a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris. This skin condition causes tiny, acne-like bumps and dry patches to form on the arms, thighs, cheeks, and buttocks; the bumps form due to an overproduction of a protein called keratin which can block pores. It’s by no means a serious condition, but it can be annoying and unsightly. Its also not really curable: it can only be managed and subdued.

I’ve struggled with these little bumps on my upper arms ever since I can remember. In grade school, I was always so embarrassed to wear short sleeves or go sleeveless. A couple of times, kids would ask “eew, what are those?!” and for my middle school self, comments like those did nothing for my self-esteem. I’ve tried countless methods over the years to eradicate these stupid SOB’s but nothing really worked. I spent my middle school and high school years in 3/4 tops and sweaters, embarrassed and self-conscious (in only the way a typical teenager can be) about my bumpy arms.

It was by no means severe (except in my teenage mind, which, well, we’ve all been there), but I didn’t register that fully until I hit true adulthood (and had other bigger things to worry about like college finals, bills, real health problems, and, of course, adult acne).

As most of my readers know, Asian (well, Korean) skincare is more exciting to me than the creation of pre-sliced cheese and bread. Along the way down that rabbit hole, I picked up two products (I’m getting to them, I swear!) that in a true stroke of luck/fate/whatever have you, I combined and applied to my arms and was like “whoa!”

Status: keratosis pilaris remission achieved!

Now that all that background is out of the way, here is the method that took my upper arms from full-on granola mode to sleeveless-ready.

I use two products: Papa Recipe White Flower Clear Up 8% AHA Gel and Let’s Cure C-ster High Performance Powder.

The AHA gel stinks to high heaven (and much MUCH worse than a typical AHA which will smell like butt to begin with) and that rotting fish odor on my face was just something I couldn’t tolerate even for the sake of skincare…and that is saying something. Being the ardent “waste not, want not” stingy person that I am, I had to find another way to use it.

Within this time frame, I also picked up my first, very sad attempt at Vitamin C and wound up with a powder formulation that was supposed to be mixed with whatever moisturizer of choice. I didn’t know anything about pH or using vitamin C at the time, and when I used it on my face for 2 months, several times a week, and was not seeing anything that resembled results, it went into the same pile as the AHA.

And then I got creative and decided to mix the two. I had noticed that the Vitamin C powder helped neutralize the scents of whatever it was mixed with and lend it a gentle citrus-y note. Figuring the AHA couldn’t get any worse, I went ahead and mixed it as a 1:1 ratio (as per the C-ster powder instructions) and slathered the slightly less terrible solution on my upper arms where it wouldn’t be directly under my nose.

To use these two products up and get them off my valuable counter surface real estate, I mixed this solution up every night fresh and applied it. Within about a month of doing this, I started noticing how soft and smooth my normally rough upper arms were getting. Within two months (the products you don’t want always last the longest right?), my arms were 98% clear-the most “normal” arm state I ever remembered achieving.

Its now been three months since arriving at this lucky fusion of crap products and my arms are totally tank-top appropriate. They are also ridiculously soft. While I do have to apply sunscreen to my arms now in addition to my face, its worth the newfound texture.

I have yet to totally decide whether or not the Vitamin C powder actually works  (its just sketchy as hell y’all), the AHA definitely does as its not only at a powerful 8% concentration, but also a powerful exfoliator which keeps keratin from building up and forming bumps.

Before I conclude this post, I just want to say that I am no doctor or scientist and I’ve also been very bad and not done any research on if these two formulas can be mixed together without preservative measures cancelling out the other, etc. I figured (for my own safety, when I first played mad-cosmetic-scientist on my vanity) that the C-ster powder could be mixed with any moisturizer of choice, and since that territory was pretty broad, I figured why not a gel? If the C-ster powder actually does work, it would work with a product with similar pH needs. When it didn’t burn my arms off or anything, I think just mixing it up fresh, every night is safe enough for my own self. I would NOT recommend keeping a bottle of this stuff pre-mixed as, despite the fact these are acids, who knows what might want to play petri dish? (And geez, whatever would grow in THOSE conditions, I would NOT want on my face even more than just typical compact cushion/hangbang serum dwellers). The powder as well, should you choose to buy it (I honestly don’t know if it does anything other than minimize the day-old fish market “scent”), you’ll find that the amount of mixing will make successful bottling near impossible.

If you do try this method, know that YMMV, I am not a doctor or scientist or any kind of person that is qualified to be doling out this sort of information, and that if anything bad happens, I refuse to be responsible (although I will feel bad, probably cry a lot, remove this post, and send you lots of care packages).So if you attempt this, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK and release me from any sort negative consequences like legal action. Love you guys!

Anyway, now that I’ve made this sound super scary and serious (lol, sorry, you just never know!), this very strange, very lucky, and in hindsight, very stupid adventure with two products that my stingy self just couldn’t chuck in the bin led to a very nice discovery and some very nice results. Just in case anyone who reads this is struggling with managing this skin condition, I thought I would share my findings here online. To perhaps try this method at their own risk 😉

If you do so happen to try this method, please let me know how it went. I am very curious to see if this is just a me-thing or if I’ve actually stumbled on something weird-but-super-helpful. I can only tell you in this case that it gave me my arms back in about two and a half months from a M/W/F application schedule [and with wearing sunscreen on them during the day (so no burns or anything from AHA and Vitamin C photo sensitivity)].

This post is finally over, and I hope it was helpful. Please let me know if you’re interested in tying this method or know of something that worked for you! Have a wonderful rest of your day/night everyone! *mwah!*


Esfolio Foot and Heel Peeling Mask Review

There is an increasingly popular, no-longer-cult product known as Baby Foot that promises to make swathes of skin fall off your feel and reveal, well, baby soft skin underneath. And they deliver on this promise, as any quick Google search of the product reveals. 

In my search for a similar product, that wouldn’t cost a whopping 20$, I stumbled upon the Esfolio Foot and Heel Peeling Mask on the Memebox site (on sale, 2$, I don’t think they have restocked them(and for obvious reasons, but we’ll get there)). 

As with what seems to be all at-home foot peels, you soak your feet for 1-2 hours in plastic booties  filled with (supposedly) fruit-derived alpha-hydroxy acids. The AHAs slowly work on breaking the bonds (the glue) that hold skin cells together on your feet, and after anywhere from 3-7 days post-soaking, the skin begins to peel away, often in disgustingly satisfying large sheets. Soaking feet in hot water nightly can help speed up the process. 

I can’t say that this peel didn’t work-around 5 days post-soaking session, my feel began to peel and did so for about 4 days-it didn’t deliver the results I was hoping for. There was nothing remotely close to the level of peeling Baby Foot users showed on other blogs and image searches (I couldn’t find much on this particular peel by Esfolio either so I have nothing to compare my experience to other than Baby Foot). 

Instead of large sections, my skin pilled-up not unlike a knit sweater. Even soaking them for 20 minutes nightly once the peeling began, the peeling was minimal. Frankly speaking, my face probably does more peeling come drying out in the wintertime than this peel did for my feet.

It also only peeled around the outer edges of my heels, the outer edge of my foot, and on the balls of my feet. There was a small bit of peeling on one of my pinky toes, but nowhere else.. Maybe 15% of my foot actually dropped skin.

My feet aren’t much softer than they were pre-peel either. 

This product was bitterly disappointing; once they started to peel, I was so excited to start my foot journey anew for fall, but I think I’ll need to actually splurge on a Baby Foot peeling kit to get the results I was hoping for.

Overall Rating: 3-it works, but not like I wanted it too…hence, I personally won’t repurchase. 

Rating Scale:

1-Holy Grail.

2-Worthy of a spot in my current routine

3-Meh, probably won’t repurchase, but it wasn’t horrible

4- Don’t buy this, for your own sake

Have you ever done one of these foot peels before? Is the amount of skin gross…or secretly really awesome?

How to Fix Broken Makeup

There are few worse feelings than dropping a large sum of money on a designer makeup something-or-other, only to accidentally break it by its second or third use. All it takes is one overzealous swipe of a brand new lipstick shade until the tip breaks off from the tube and is rolling around on the floor, or one miscalculated reach for a brush, and that brand-new contour palette is in powdery shards on the bathroom counter top. However its been broken, here’s how to fix it:


This category encompasses the majority of breakage. One wrong bump and the contents seem to fall apart. If broken compacts and palettes are a problem, luckily, they are super easy to fix.

image credit

Place as many pieces as possible back into the original pan. Add a few, tiny drops of rubbing alcohol over the mess. The powder will become very soft and pliable once the alcohol is added. Use something like a butter knife, clean fingertip, or toothpick to push and mold the softened powder back into shape. Let it dry overnight. The alcohol will evaporate, leaving the powder uniform again. It may not be as pretty as before, but it will still work just the same.

If the powder is too broken/just too powdery to reconstitute in the pan with alcohol, it can always be ground up and stored in a empty container to be used as loose powder.


Lipsticks have a knack for randomly breaking, especially, it seems, they newer and more expensive they are. Here are two things that can salvage a lipstick gone rouge.

The first option is to reattach the remaining lipstick in the tube to the part that has broken off. Make sure to at least wipe off the outside of the lipstick, especially if has touched the floor. Next, take a match or lighter and heat the top of the lipstick that is still inside the tube. Be very careful not to overheat and completely melt the lipstick; it should be gooey, not runny. Once the lipstick inside the tube has been heated, gently press the broken portion on top of the melted portion. Use a clean finger or spoon/knife to smooth out the edges. Let it chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes to an hour. After it cools completely, its ready to be used once again!

If a lipstick breaks and dealing with it potentially breaking again doesn’t sound too appealing, creating a lipstick palette may be a good alternate option (or just a funny, rainy afternoon project!). All that is needed is a lighter or match (heat source), a small spoon or bowl, an empty container/palette (empty eye shadow ones work amazingly well), toothpicks/ butter knife, and of course, broken lipstick(s). The first step is to take an appropriate amount of lipstick (what will fit in the container) and place it into the spoon/bowl. Slowly heat up the lipstick from underneath the bowl while stirring the lipstick with a toothpick or butter knife. Keep in mind that it takes very little heat for lipstick to melt. Once the lipstick reaches a consistency that it can easily be poured, go ahead and use it to fill the palette. Lipstick expands as it cools so leave a little space for expansion at the top. Use the back of a spoon or a knife to smooth the surface of the lipstick. After it cools, it is ready to use.

This method makes it easy to use favorite lipstick shades as blushers as well.

If more lipstick shades are going to be used, be sure to clean the “mixing spoon”/bowl to not contaminate shade integrity. Customized shades could potentially be mixed and poured as well. Don’t be afraid of getting creative!

Has anyone tried any of these before? The alcohol+powder trick has saved me more than once:) Thanks for reading!



What’s in My Bag?

I always love seeing posts and videos addressing the “what’s in my bag” tag. I’m not very much a snoopy person, but I feel that a person’s purse can reveal a lot about them, making me feel like I know a certain vlogger or blogger better, and it is also a great outlet for picking up product recommendations and discovering new cute/useful things I probably wouldn’t otherwise. I never thought I’d ever be running a blog let alone be doing one of these myself. Oh, life’s surprises 🙂

I’m pretty minimalist when it comes to carrying things around. Its usually just my wallet, my phone, my makeup bag, and my keys, plus whatever essentials I may need to lug around that day (books, laptop, etc).

So my makeup pouch is what makes up the majority of what I carry. I tend to keep all of my makeup stuff grouped together in this simple white pouch or a larger clear one when I need more than just touch-up supplies. I *always* take at least my cushion compact (w/SPF containing foundation/bb cream), my Ciracle sebum control powder, a comb, my super-cute macaroon lip balm, and whatever lip color I’m wearing that day. What usually happens is a bajillion and one lip products wind up living in this pouch because I can never remember/be bothered to take them back out. I try to keep oil absorbing sheets and breath mints/gum in there as well.

If I know that I’ll need to stay decent-looking all day, say I have to observe classes or meet with a bunch of students that day, I’ll go ahead and bring concealer and either a brush, or more often, my travel-size makeup blender-so convenient! Any “finicky” makeup, like an eye shadow or blush that I know tends to fade fast, gets stuck in here as well. If I’ll be outside a lot, walking and such, my sunscreen comes with me too.

I always try to have a facial mist with me like this adorable bunny one from TonyMoly. Hydration is so important!

Just in case anyone is wondering why someone with dry skin is carrying around both oil absorbing sheets AND a sebum control powder, its not really for my skin, but for combating what the weather does to my face. From essentially March to late September, Florida is so freaking hot and humid, it destroys your makeup and any hope of a matte finish. I have to use a lot of hydrating makeup products (like foundation and concealer) to not emphasize and exacerbate my dry skin, but the creamier the product, the more the humidity takes it from “dewy-fresh” to “OMG-this girl needs to go take a shower, I was blinded by the sun gleaming off her sweat? highlight? pores? do I want to know?”

Basically, I use the facial mist to (cool the f*** off) help remove extra makeup, then blot it off once it evaporates/absorbs with an oil absorbing sheet (which is much gentler than say, a paper towel or piece of separated TP). Then, after I touch up with a little foundation or concealer, I finish off with the Ciracle powder which has amazing staying power and tends to give my face a longer chance at surviving the 90%+ humidity in 90+ degree (F) heat.

Well, there you have it: my first ever “what’s in my bag.” If you all decide to do one of these in the near future, I would love to read/watch them! Let me know in the comments below 🙂 What’s currently in your bag?

The Acne Survival Guide: How to Get Rid of a Zit in 24 Hrs or Less!

School, weather changes, and added stress can all lead to one thing no one has time for: breakouts.

Stress has a nasty way of manifesting in the form of a large, angry zit, generally somewhere highly visible, like the tip of the nose. The morning of some big presentation, exam, or date, and one or two of these horrific spots just magically appear…like clockwork.

Of course, following a diligent, proper skincare routine while simultaneously finding ways of dealing with stress and deadlines will be your best bet in achieving flawless skin. However, no one is perfect and immune to the occasional disaster-zit…or a full-fledged pimple attack.

Here is how I, the self-proclaimed acne-queen, combat everything from those giant, “submarine spots” that never actually surface to full-scale, this-means-war massive breakouts.

Dealing with a Large-Scale Breakout:

When you wake up only to find a war-zone on your face, follow this four-step plan:

  1. Cleanse your face with a low pH cleanser.
  2. Tone using a moisturizing toner or “skin booster” toner. Gently pat it in until it fully absorbs.
  3. Sheet mask. Stick it in the fridge (even if it is freezing outside) to help reduce morning puffiness in the face, and constrict blood vessels, bringing down the swelling. This is what often causes breakouts to look much, much worse at first sight than they actually are.
  4. Finish off with a soothing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing ingredient like snail secretion filtrate, aloe, honey, or hyaluronic acid. Pat it in until fully absorbed.

This will get your face into a much more manageable state by both jump starting the healing process, and also minimizing the appearance of the breakout. Of course, your milage may vary, but for me, one use shows a significant improvement, and if used consecutively every morning (or evening) will generally clear the breakout completely before the week’s end (around 3-5 days instead of the typical 8 day healing time).

A Note on Sheet Masks:

Sheet masks are my secret weapon when it comes to sudden breakouts, especially when it involves more than 1-2 spots. While any sheet mask will supply your skin with the extra boost of moisture it needs help start the soothing and healing process, why not tackle the redness and swelling at the same time?

Masks with soothing ingredients like snail, lotus, or hyaluronic acid will help with the redness and jump start the healing process. Brightening ingredients are also a good bet as they make the face look healthy, awake, and help even the tone of the skin.

These are the masks I always have on hand for such acne-emergencies:

Pony Soothing Mask Pack– seriously smooths and soothes while also reducing redness. One of the best masks for breakouts that I’ve tried!

Innisfree Its Real Bija Mask-a tried and true favorite. It helps prevent breakouts, but also soothes skin should one arise. I always have 5 or so on hand for days when I wake up to a less-than-awesome face.

Leader’s Pore Scaling Black Aqua Mask-this mask is super creepy looking-its completely black-but I like to use it anyway. I typically use it for preventative measures (when my skin feels congested and ripe for a breakout), but also for (warning: super gross) small, “wet” breakouts…aka lots of whiteheads, blackheads, and/or pustules. It will literally suck the pus out, and when you take off the mask you can see what was previously in your skin. Gross, but effective. I also have a few of these on hand at all times.

Leader’s Coconut Mask with Orange -this mask is my special occasion prep mask because its brightening claims are dead serious. My face looks not just glowy, but downright luminous, after using one of these. Some days, your face needs that boost. Having the good sections of your skin looking amazing (and possibly blinding people with the light radiating from your pores) will distract them from the not-so-wonderful breakout zone(s).

After the sheet mask, add something like the CosRX Snail 96 Power Essence to help calm the skin and moisturize it further. Snail is soothing, calming, and redness-reducing. Gently pat it in to absorb, letting all the product sink in before moving onto makeup.

Dealing with Cysts and Nodules:

You know those spots that never actually surface, but just lurk big and red, underneath the skin without ever coming to a head? I call these types of monstrosities “submarine spots” for that very reason. Since they take forever to resolve on their own, on the rare occasion that I have to deal with one of these, I have a game plan to send them on their way in under 48 hours. Luckily, with a little ice and eye redness remover drops, the pimple is easy enough to conceal while you contend with it behind the scenes when you have the time.

If you have a day off to deal with this sort of zit, great, if not, attack it in the evening. Basically, my tried-and-true plan of attack involves two phases of two alternating steps.The pimple will do one of two things: either dissipate under the skin without ever coming to a head, or slowly shrink into a smaller and smaller head until it vanishes.

Phase One:

Alternate hot and cold compresses for 15-30 minutes at a time until the pimple responds (starts dissipating under the skin, or coming to a head).

I find that an ice pack, bag of peas, or an ice cube in a thinly wrapped towel serve as easy cold compresses.

If you don’t have a hot water bottle or heating pad, a comfortably warm mug of water or soaked washcloth can work just as well for the heating component.

This step will take some time (generally 1-2 hours) so cozy up with a good book or have some quality Netflix time while you do this.

Phase Two:

Now that the pimple is either much smaller underneath the skin (the nodule/cyst has shrunk) or has started coming to a head, the next phase begins.

The first step is to use a drawing/purifying agent to bring the infection up to the surface of the skin so it can be better targeted and treated. To do this, use a drawing salve (like Prid’s) or a product with a high concentration of charcoal, sulfur, or clay. I personally like to use things like Scinic’s All Day Fine Clay Pore Mask as spot treatments for these sorts of spots. Apply according to directions, and give the product a few hours to work (if not overnight). You can alternately use a hydrocolloid bandage. I love these from CosRX.

The next step is to apply medication; I like 10% benzoyl peroxide as it works the quickest on me, but feel free to use whatever heavy-duty treatment you probably remember from your teen years. Apply and allow a few hours to work.

Continue alternating the purifying agent to draw up and dry out the infection, then layering a spot medication afterwards to further treat the infection. Be sure to only treat the immediate zit surface as to not dry out the surrounding skin.

Also, do not pick at these! It will cause MAJOR scarring. Don’t squeeze it; don’t try to “drain” it with a sterilized needle. Just leave it alone and keep at it with phase two!

Properly Concealing a Pimple

99% of the time, a pimple shows up when you have absolutely no time to deal with it. The easiest way to flawless skin? Faking it.

  1. Use a primer to keep everything in place. You don’t want all of your hard work to slide off your face after a few hours.
  2. Foundation goes first. Apply with a beauty blender/makeup sponge in stippling motions to avoid the micro exfoliation caused by fingers and brushes that will cause additional redness and irritation. Don’t sweep, rub, or pull too much, especially in the affected area(s). By applying foundation first, it is easier to gauge how much concealing will need to actually be done. You also don’t need a very thick layer or high coverage formula depending on your skin. If its only one or two spots, or even just one area (like the jawline), don’t hide the rest of your perfectly good skin. A cake face will only point to what is being hidden.
  3. Pin point conceal with a small eyeliner brush. Thick, waxy formulations generally work better than thin, watery ones when the pimple is very red and inflamed. Apply a light layer over the pimple and use a makeup sponge to gently dab it outwards. Avoid creating a circle around the zit with a concealer; blend, blend, blend the harsh edges for the most natural look. Layer it up until satisfactory coverage is achieved.
  4. This may be the most essential step in concealing a pimple: securing the concealer. Be sure to lightly dab some powder on top of the area to set it. Don’t rub, even if you are using a brush. If you want to lock the concealer firmly into place, go ahead and bake it on with some translucent powder. If you would step-by-step instructions on how to do this, you can visit my in-depth tutorial here.

The biggest part of concealing a pimple is more about drawing attention to the nicer areas of skin on your face, rather than masking the problem areas under a cakey layer of makeup. By using heavy layers on pin-pointed areas, the rest of the face can look very natural and help fake the look of all-over nice skin (a phenomenon that does NOT occur with pancake foundation or concealer).

And at the end of the day, a zit or two is just that, a zit or two. The world does not end, or even stop for the slightest second, at a sudden cyst or breakout. Most people are too busy with their own lives and troubles (or too busy looking at their phones) to even notice the “giant” zit on your cheek that you think looks like a jaw-breaker in size, but honestly, its more like a pea.

As I said earlier, having a diligent, regular, and effective skin care regimen in combination with having a diligent, regular, and effective stress management routine, will be the most important and effective things you can do to prevent pimples. Eating a healthy diet, regular exercise, and getting enough sleep (life goals right?) are not only great for preventing acne, but also in managing stress…which helps manage acne. Daily choices are more important than we sometimes might think.

But good daily choices aside, these tips and tricks will get you through even the roughest breakouts when they do happen, and get your skin back to normal in no time 🙂

Reminder/Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and YMMV. Use my tips with caution, I am not liable for anything at all, and what works for me does not guarantee it will work for you.

September Buy-and-Trys

The month has just begun, and all that fresh, new energy that comes with the start of a new month has me feeling inspired and ready to deep clean…my pores, that is. This month is all about “out with the old, and in with the new,” featuring some new products to refresh and renew the skin, focusing on clearing out and minimizing pores.

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackhead 3 step Nose Clearing Kit: I’ve been doing my own version of these three step kits for awhile now: prepping my skin with a mild BHA to “loosen” things up, applying a peel-off pore strip or mask, and then soothing my skin with something snail-related. I can’t wait to compare results with an official version of this. From what I’ve heard, people only say good things about the effectiveness of these kits.

Ettang Peeling  Soothing Mask: This two step sheet mask first peels, then soothes. A mild chemical peel followed by a specially formulated sheet mask? In the comfort of my own home? While watching Netflix? Yes, please.

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask: I have been dying to try one of these bubbling masks after seeing all of the videos on Youtube. They look like so much fun, and also seem a lot more comfortable and more efficient at delivering all of the benefits of clay than traditional, quick-drying clay masks. I may die laughing though…note to self: don’t look at the mirror while doing this 🙂

Ramosu Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate 100 (3 bottle set): I’m a sucker for a good k-beauty sale, and well, when this product I’ve been eyeing for awhile came down to a steal price, I bit the bullet and finally bought it. It comes in a set of three bottles along with dropper. Galactomyces ferment is a type of yeast (yes, like brewers use). It supposedly is good for evening tone, smoothing skin texture, and promoting/maintaining youthful, glowing skin. I am 100% okay with any of those things happening on my face.

And, no, it doesn’t seem to smell like yeast. At all.

Lastly, I didn’t buy this, but I would like to try something new on the blog. I was thinking that all through the month, people could send me links to a few of their favorite posts (their own personal posts and/or others’ posts they absolutely loved) and then I would round up maybe a top 5 or 10 in the Septmember Favorites post at the end of the month (depending on how many were sent) so those posts could reach out to more people and get closer to the exposure they deserve. I’d also tweet them, etc. 

Would anyone be down for doing this or doing this with me? If you are, let me know in the comments below and/or get to dropping the links! It’ll be open all month long. I honestly love each and everyone of my followers and just really want to pay each and everyone’s awesomeness foward! If it’s too cheesy though, just comment a cheese emoji or something and let me down easy, okay?

I am honestly so excited to try all of these new products and whip my pores in to a squeaky-clean state! And, uh, not to mention this potential new blog feature each month!! Do you have anything special you’re trying this month, products, blogging, or otherwise? Share in the comments below 🙂

Here’s to having the best month so far of the year! And I’m looking forward to reading those links! 💕

7 Deadly Beauty Sins You Need to Stop Commiting Right Now

Hello there!

It’s time for another Beauties on Fire collaboration post, and this week’s voted theme was seven deadly sins.

Instead of going the traditional “lust, greed, etc” route, I am about to confess 7 really awful beauty “sins” that I commit on a regular basis and need to stop doing like three years ago (#notabeautyguru). And if you do any of these, you should probably stop doing them too 🙂

1) I don’t wear sunscreen everyday.image

Now let me explain myself here: I DO wear it everyday I’ll be exposed and/or outside. Even if I’m only running errands or walking from building to building, you bet I’ve got maximum protection going on. But if I’m gonna be at home all day, I’d just rather avoid the windows and let my skin breathe.

2) At least once a week, I fall asleep without putting on moisturizer after applying actives…

…And then wake up the next morning to my face looking like hell and having to apply All The Things several times over to recover. Don’t do it people. Set an alarm because it is so not worth it.


3) I bite my cuticles even though I know it’s super gross.


The poor little guys. You can tell when I’m stressed because that’s when I’ll bite them. And sometimes I chew them badly enough, I actually have to fork over the 20$ for an actual manicure at an actual nail establishment, and let the technician’s judgemental glare make me feel bad about what I’ve done. Sort of.

4) I pull at my eye when I apply eye liner.

imageSO, SO bad, and I literally avoid liner to prevent this. I just need that area flat for my line to work. Working on stopping this, slowly, but surely.

5) I pop my zits…because I’m a normal human. Just like how I don’t typically floss.

imageIf it can be popped, I’m gonna wind up popping it now matter how hard I try not to. And yes, this is so incredibly bad and I should be burned at the stake for doing it, but I know I’ll keep doing it anyway. It’s sick that it is so satisfying.

6) Shaving.

Because I can’t be bothered.

Because I’m (apparently) a blonde mole rat.

Because I’m a terrible at this whole girl thing.


7) I wash my hair every day. Every. Single. Day. (Yeah, you’re reading that right, and yes, you can leave hate comments about that fact down below).


And maybe one day, I’ll suck it up and learn to live with greasy, day-old hair. But I am just not in a place in my life right now where I can deal with that sort of lifestyle change yet. Freshly washed or die.

I deep condition it twice a day though, so does that make up for it? Please say yes.

So, obviously, I am definitely not a good role model when in comes to certain things. Use this confession to learn from my mistakes,  and please stop doing these if you happen to be doing so. Some of these are pretty darn bad. Maybe even evil.


Are you guilty of any of these?

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